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February 25, 2009


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sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Come on Jerry~ I want to hear your top 25 ways to improve this recession.
They will be much better!


I need some wine too! Same talk here every day, places are either closing or wages/salaries cut. benefits cut, office space cut, cut, cut cut.....hide the damn scissors!

Barb Cabot

Jerry, I'm going to make a post especially for you and Rose tomorrow. It can be number 26 on your list. Your post today had some good ideas for a difficult period.


It is very depressing, all right. It is very scary times, but I believe it will pass, and we will be okay. Some prices will be paid, and it will be hard on many. So for that, I am sad.


Econocalypse - I like that!

I have a friend who is 93 years old and he told me that this is nothing compared to the Great Depression. Maybe someone needs to put him on TV.

Thanks for the list. I'm going to print it out.


I shall share your list at my training.
Thank God we will never call meatloaf filet mignon!


I am finding wine is a very good remedy; teachick and I are meeting this afternoon for a glass of that very stuff. Actually, I am getting even tired of reading about hard times; at the moment we are fine, but I look at my 3 20-something children and wonder how it will turn out for them. More wine is needed.


I am surprised that casinos and playing the lottery weren't suggested! LOL

I think that you're right Marcia - most of us are in places in our lives where we will be fine. It is different for young people just starting out . . . (because I am just so ancient! *smile*)

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