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February 12, 2009


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Cindy Ruth

A cat after my own heart! Does he like cheese, wine, and chocolate also?


Beckett is adorable! Give him all the bread he wants!


I'm glad Beckett is getting some comfort food after losing his friend. I love tuxedo cats!


If Beckett has any sourdough left over could he please send me some? You can't find real sourdough here in Mississippi!


A quarter of the loaf? Wow -- Beckett really must love sourdough bread!And who can blame him?

I hope he was pleased with your peace offering.....


Hope it was a loaf of Boudin's at the very least.


Cindy Ruth - cheese - yes. Wine makes him sneeze. I don't know about chocolate - it never lasts long enough for him to get a good sniff.

He is a cute one Nancy - I admit to spoiling him to no end.

Annie - he deserves it. We'll son be getting him a feline friend - I hope that that works out well.

Sandra - he had to fight US for that!

It sure was Marcia - $ 7 at the airport! ARGH

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