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February 20, 2009


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These are very clever! Even the Nike swoosh is droopy. I'm all for keeping our spirits up because you are right, the news is seriously depressing these days.


These are cute. I especially like Please Buy.


Annie - I think that we're almost at the point where the media is making things worse. We know that thinsga re bad but if we don't start 'moving' teh economy on a bit it is going to get even worse.

Candi - my favourite is the revised Cisco systems logo - especially after my PC died. :-(

Kathy (kaydee)

Oh Jerry, these are funny! I might use some of them in the classes I teach. Thanks for the laugh.


Fun post! I liked the please buy one the best also.


Hah ha - use away Kathy!

Thanks, girasoli. Like I said, we need a wee bot of laughter these days . . .


I love those! I like the Nike one best--just limp.


LOL jan - I think that my favourite is Fiasco systems!

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