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February 19, 2009


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Fascinating! I'll be curious to hear more about Obama's visit (I'm glad he put you guys on high priority). And that satire is hilarious!


This is funny. I'll be curious about Obama's visit with the PM.


Ouch! Great satire!


Almost as funny as your wit!


I have often wondered if there are any comedians left in Canada - thanks, that was funny and let's drink (a Canadian beer would be nice) to new friendships, politically speaking.


Wonderful read...how true it is ... sad but true.... smile.

Are we breaking out the Beaver Tails???


Great post, Jerry. I couldn't agree with Eric Weiner more. But I'm still holding out hope with Obama. I believe that things (and people) can change.


Hilarious! But what's the joke with the swimming pool? I didn't get that...

I took a class on Canadian politics in graduate school so at least I know a tiny bit more than most!


Annie - very little about Obama's visit in the US media. we'll be blathering on about it for month though.

Candi - let's just say that there appeared to be some awkward moments shown in pictures.

Marcia - funny thing - they planned a huge multi-course lunch but beer was NOT on the menu (just about every other Canadian foodstuff was though).

Rose - apparently beavertails were enjoyed!

Teaberry - we all need some hope these days.

palma - paul says 'do not encourage him!'

Chiocciola - I think it is a reference to the fact they we are law-abiding and ALWAYS follow the rules. If someone says to do something we jump up and do it.


Aha! Thanks for the explanation!


I never knew about Lyndon Johnson flipping out at your Prime Minister. I also didn't get the swimming pool joke...thanks for the explanation. Interesting letter. I hope things will change.


Woo-hoo, Jerry!
I love this piece. Isn't that the truth, though?
I watched Peter Mansbridge on his hour long news special about Obama's visit, and he was pretty accurate in his commentary, I thought.
We'll see if anything changes...I don't hold my breath, do you?


ok, so I miss Pierre Trudeau! He had spice, spunk and guts, and he knew how to tell people off...royally, in spades!
I think he and Barack would have had a great relationship! Both cool guys married to beautiful women with gorgeous kids...and that sense of class! Woulda, coulda, shoulda...


Brenda - Mansbridge's interview was excellent. I was expecting a 'puff' piece but was so happy that it wasn't. I agree as well about Trudeau - I met him once as a child (is 15 a child?) and he left such a memorable impression on me.

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