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February 26, 2009


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Cindy Ruth

That does look really good. Nice to have a lowfat dessert recipe.


It looks yummy, Jerry. Can I come over for a piece of it?


This sounds wonderful. I love ginger and esp. crystallized ginger. I made a frozen lemon yogurt with crystallized ginger last summer - it would be good over this cake too.


I would have never thought about putting blueberries and gingerbread together but this looks very delicious!


Cindy - all of our desserts are low-fat these days. :-(

Nancy - hop on by (although you may wnat to wait until it gets a bit warmer! LOL)

Annie - the crystallized ginger really makes it.

Girasoli - I have pretty much decided that there is nothing that isn't better with a blueberry!

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