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February 05, 2009


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Argh. I've made a conscious effort to ignore In-N-Out because life is already too full of temptations, but your description and photos convince me that I'm going to have to try it. I'm sold!


Jerry, you are making my mouth water. I am not a burger fan, but when it's from In-N_out, I eat it gladly.


my mouth is watering! Hope you guys had an awesome tme!

Barb Cabot

That's the greatest photo ever of a hamburger!


I must be the only California native, or visitor from afar who will not eat there! No mayo!


Umm, the milkshakes are good, too. You should try one next time. :-D


As you know, Jerry, :)

I love In-N-Out, but I always have a glass of wine with it. It tastes delicious with red or white! I put wine in a water bottle and bring a Riedel O glass and voila! Gourmet in my car. Works well in hotel rooms too. Seriously. Next time you come to come to San Diego we will do a special tasting on Sports Arena Boulevard.


Ah, Jerry! A place Dan and I can't pass up when we travel to one of those few western states that are fortunate enough to have In-N-Out.
When we visit Sutter Creek, we fly into Sacramento.
Who cares about getting up to the ranch right away? A stop at In-N-Out right off the plane is an absolute MUST!


There is an In-N-Out one exit from my house, so it is easy for this fan to get a fix.


Sounds so good! It is 8am and I just had breakfast but now my mouth is watering for one of those!


Yum! And I'm looking forward to hearing about the "secret menu" (I love mysteries!).


I too will be tuning back to find out the secret menu! That burger in the photo looks scrumptious! I totally understand that schizophrenic thing...the way I see it, life is a balancing act so can't be ALL slow and healthy now, can it?! :)


Oh those look so good. I missed my normal stop at the Salinas In-n-out this year. I'm not crazy about their fries. They are a little too dry. I like mine soft and greasy.


This is fine praise indeed! I've heard of In-And-Out but haven't tried one. When I visit California in the fall, I'll definitely have to stop in!


I'm not generally a burger fan, but I also adore In-N-Out.

Man, now I want one.


Jerry, you probably didn't drive south of Paso Robles, but there is an In-N-Out in Atascadero, right next to the 101.

Yum! Now I am hungry!


Apparently I struck a nerve. It would appear that there are lots of In-N-Out fans out there. Nancy - I had no idea that there was one located so close to Paso Robles - probably a good things . . .

I have never thought a a wine pairing with my In-N-Out burger - Shannon, I shall have to give that a go next time.

Jill - we'll be sure to try a shake next time!

Palma - perhaps you could bring your case of mayo with you! LOL

Account Deleted

I was not a huge fan of hamburgers, but since i ate hamburger at http://www.whitecastle.com with the meat patty steamed over a bed of onions served on a steamed bun with a single slice of pickle. wow i love them.

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