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February 09, 2009


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sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

That is awfully fancy for a seafood dinner.
Now I know what to serve for sunday dinner!

Cindy Ruth

That is so funny.


Okay... I have to be honest. My first reaction was ... eeeeooouuuuuwww...


I thought I was at the wrong blog there for a minute.


Hmmm..I am going to SC this week. I am not going to try this though. I had to laugh at your title though.

Barb Cabot

As soon as the photo popped on the screen I had an out of body experience. The words, OMG came out of my mouth. I could not help it...it was like, "Who said that?" I knew this could not be your dinner. Hilarious.


Now we make those in our class, but I never imagined I would find them on your blog! Funny post!!


This is a hoot! My nephews would absolutely love this, I might have to create some octopii next time I'm babysitting.


Sandi - funny thing was that I had a bit about you (given that you live in redneck central) but deleted it for fear of offending you!

Cindy - it was time for a laugh! I needed it after the many assorted traumas of yesterday!

Marta - me too! I bet kids would love it (although without the canned beans).

Jill - I shall take that as a compliment!

Candi - you may find this on the menu.

Barb - I would be mocked by Paul if I served this for dinner.

Girasoli - I bet your students would love this.

Annie - I bet that you would be their 'favourite' aunt for a wee while (kids being fickle).


Just when I thought it was safe to read your blog, Jerry.....those are very scary wieners!


Oh dear god, that new grandbaby had better not expect creative wiener art from this nonna. The mac and cheese is a given, but really, too funny. And this would be a classy friend?


LOL - too funny!


OMG! A redneck meal? This can't be right! Where is Jerry?


Marcia - now that you are a grandmother this is the sort of thing that you shall excell at preparing. No Gourmet or Bon Appetit here.

Be assured one and all, I did NOT cook the redneck meal. Paul would have moved out! LOL

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