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February 16, 2009


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Barb Cabot

Oh My Gosh. I have been waiting for this post. You did not disappoint. Love the attention you place on every part of this meal. And Paul! Wow I never knew he was such a gourmet cook. Impressive to say the least. You both ROCK!


Yum! Everything looks so delicious! And I love the photo of Paul and Beckett. Too cute.


Yummy dinner. So glad you love the oil!

Cindy Ruth

Jerry-Your dinner looks amazing. That's great that you and Paul worked on it together. And the dessert sounds divine. Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Brad'll Do It

After such a lucious meal, I, too, would be in a food coma. Did you serve wine with dinner (might've contributed to displayed food coma)? If so, what wine(s) did you have?


Jerry, that looks like an amazing meal. Every course looks so delicious, and the dessert (while beautiful) does sound like a great deal of effort. Still, worthwhile for a special occasion.

And did Beckett get a bit of sourdough bread to celebrate Valentine's Day?


Barb - Paul has come a long way in the kitchen. he needs to work on confidence more than anything.

Thanks Annie.

Palma -the oil is amazing. I won't let Paul use it for anything. I am now hiding it.

Thanks Cidy - dessert was good but so much work. it is far easier to buy it. LOL

Brad - moreon that tomorrow (if all goes according to plans. . .)

Sandra - sourdough? Not on Valentines day. He got a big piece of beef tenderloin which he seemed to enjoy a great deal.


wow, I am so drooling right now ;) The sourdough story cracked me up. I'm the tenderloin was an acceptable substitute though! lol (when I die, I want to come back as your cat!)


Wow! I want to move into your house. I love pancakes. They're always my favorite breakfast. Everything looks so good. I would have loved that salad.


Sounds like an awesome celebration for the three of you!


There is no doubt that Beckett lives well Anne. Tonight he had some grilled lamb - he LOVED that!

Thanks Jan - i'll post the salad recipe soon. We had it again tonight - mom really enjoyed it.

It sure was Eden.


Fabulous meal! I love the pancakes and that dessert...3 pages?? I would have never attempted that, but then again, I am closer to the boiling water than gourmet chef status. It looks yummy though. Glad you both had a great day!


Jerry, I think you and Paul have a romantic B&B business in your future!


I think it's really nice that you have shared the cooking gene with Paul, and that you now both can cook those special meals together. But you know me, I'm a See's girl, and I had to hide a few of my favorites this year from the crowd in our daugher's kitchen.


What a fabulous day you both had! The photos look great, I can actually smell the onions in your soup. LOL.
And your dessert, yummy, I'd like some.


What an amazing Valentine's dinner!! I am salivating here at my desk. I always seem to read these things when I am hungry but lunch is still an hour away...


Girasoli - it was a recipe from Fine Cooking involving cooked pastry cream and stuff. Heck, until Saturday I didn't even know what a pastry cream was.

Deborah - that is one of the few things I can see myself doing in retirement.

Marcia - I agree about See's chocolates. They might not be the finest chocolates in the world but they are good!

Thanks Candi - it was a great day.

Chiocciola - never read blogs with food pics when you're hungry! *smile*

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