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March 04, 2009


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Those dishes all sound great, Jerry.

I don't know much about Rieslings - California makes some, I guess, but none that I am familiar with. What is your favorite Riesling?

Would Gewurtztraminers work with Thai food?


Thai food is weekly fare at my house Jerry. My daughter makes a great red curry! I have to say, though, that I prefer Thai Food with beer. 8) Hoping you'll be sharing these recipes?

Barb Cabot

This is a wonderful gift to receive and give. Everything looks wonderful. I'm sure it was great fun.


Nancy - i think California would be too hot for a reisling. They are generally a cool climate wine. Ontario makes some nice ones. A gewurtstraminer works well as well.

Also, as Laura points out, there is nothing like a good beer. YUM

Laura - we tend to go in cucles. Lots of Thai food for awhile then we move on to indian . . . Recipies will be posted at some time.

It was a good class Barb.


This looks and sounds absolutely amazing! I love Thai food but have never made anything but spring rolls. And cinnamon ice cream is my favorite.


As you know I have many fond memories of the LCBO - and their cooking classes sound great. As for California Rieslings, Monterey and Mendocino counties have the climate for this grape - here are some of the better ones currently out there (from a wine website):

Chateau Montelena Winery – Potter Valley Riesling $18 only at the winery
Chateau St. Jean
Firestone Riesling - Bargain Wine at $8
Bonny Doon Pacific Rim Riesling - Bargain Wine at $8
Greenwood Ridge
Handley Cellars
Trefethen Dry Riesling
Navarro Vineyards


Jerry, these dishes all look fantastic! And good suggestions on the wine pairings.

I also like the LCBO classes. I've only taken a few but they seem to aim to present interesting but practical (ie not extremely complex) recipes.

I'd love to see these recipes, that salad sounds great.


Gosh, this looks really really good. Do you have a Thai cookbook that you recommend? I am just getting into experimenting along those lines. I make spring rolls for lunch at least three times a week...my favorite and I am collecting dipping sauce recipes! Very nice post...lovely looking food!


Kayte - just for you then I will post by favourite spring rolls and dipping sauce recipes today. I enjoy them as well but don't make them often enough.

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