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March 07, 2009


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LOL about getting a rant coaxed out. It's such a wide-open theme, I love it!

Boy that is one pink bag. Definitely no space in the overhead for that one. Great take on the theme!

Happy weekend!


I really wonder why the owner did not realize right away that the bag can't fit into that space. If i am the owner of that bag theni would have that bag checked-in.

I played too!

Happy week-end!


Loved your rant, Jerry. Wouldn't it be nice if those overstuffed bags triggered a secret trap door, dropping the person AND her bag into cargo?

Teena in Toronto

Even I can see it won't fit! Ha!

I played too :)


Funny take on the theme, Jerry. And like everyone, I loved that you got a rant-opp from Photo Hunt.

I am still struggling on what to post for this theme.


That is a hoot and perfect shot! I couldn't pick just one shot!

Kathy (Trekcapri)

Hi Jerry! I really had to LOL on this photo and take on the theme. There was a person just like that on one of my recent flights. A worthy rant in my opinion! :)

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

The perfect post for 'space'.

Cindy Ruth

Great take on space. It's a good thing it was an old ladies' bag you were taking a picture of as they were trying to stuff it up there-otherwise, it might not have been pretty as they're struggling, and you've got your camera out.


Great shot, and nice way to rant about this week's theme. A blogger always has their camera ready! Of course, I would never do that with luggage!

María I.

Great pick for the theme and I'm with you on this rant. It is so obvious that the pink bag exceeds the carry on size.

Have a great weekend!


Great take, Jerry. And I know exactly what you mean. It annoys me too..


Great Rant. I saw a lot of this recently although I have to say everyone was pretty good at giving up and not trying to force it.

We had some ridiculously small overhead space on one of our flights. It was a small prop plane that we had gotten rescheduled on. The overhead space was reduced by part of the wing. I could barely fit a purse let along our day packs. We were about to resort to flying with them stuffed under the seat when the other passengers helped us out. They were so nice. They quickly told us to put our bags in the back over their seats where there was more room. Yeah for our fellow helpful passengers.


Ohhh... irksome travelers. I was held up on a flight from New York to Ottawa while calls were made all over the airport for two passengers who were late boarding. After 20 minutes(!!!!) they came rushing on board. They were dressed like business people and as they passed, they smelled like booze. More than likely, they had checked in and their luggage was already on board and they had gone to a bar for a "few drinks".

Had their luggage not already been on board, the airline would just have left them behind but rather than hold us up to take their luggage off, we were held hostage while these selfish Nimrods yukked it up in the bar.


I see the same thing on every flight I'm on.
Why don't they stop these people at check in from these over sized carry-ons?

My DH however, is always the one to help anyone out. He would be trying to stuff it up there for them.

Another annoying thing is when you are seated behind the person in the exit row and they use your foot space for their stuff and the stewardess tells your DH to stop kicking their stuff!


I agree completely, Jerry! A great take on the space theme.


I am laughing at the fact that you took a picture of this. If they really insisted on trying to stuff the bag in, you would think they would have taken out the stuff in the top section. And where were the flight attendants? Loved your rant and your take on the theme this week.


WOW - it would appear that a wee nerve has been hit. We are agreed then - people with excessively large carry-on bags should not be allowed. I guess it is because I try so hard to follow the rules - I expect everyone to do the same!

Thanks for visiting on photo hunt Saturday!


People will do their best at trying to get things in spaces that are clearly too small...it's very hard to just be quiet and not say, "Not a chance, buddy." LOL. Perfect photo for Space.


I confess that I don't even try any longer Kayte - 'just check it' is my motto.

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