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March 26, 2009


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Actually, my childhood aversion came from growing up in Half Moon Bay, California where they grew fields of brussels sprouts. When they harvest... well, let me just tell you you've smelled better dorm rooms.

Then one day I cooked some in a cup of bacon fat and voila, loved them! I can even eat them without bacon fat now... thanks for the recipe Jerry.

barb cabot

Jerry, As a child I was never introduced to this vege but it is one of Mike's favorites. I'm excited to have a new way to cook them and these look especially tempting. Thanks.


I love them, they are one of my favorite veggies. I tend to like all the bitter vegetables that many people hate.

I didn't like them as a kid but it was because my mom served mushy frozen ones. Fresh is the only way to go! Can't wait to try them with lemon and parm.


Thanks, I'm always looking for new ways of cooking vegetables. I like Brussel Sprouts but, usually don't have a clue as to what to do with them!


I had one of those Brussel sprouts aversions until I had them roasted in olive oil, and from that point forward I was a convert. This recipe looks really good. But I understand where Shannon comes from; we could smell those fields driving north from Santa Cruz in our college days - not always the best down wind experience.


Mark, the husband, does not care for b. sprouts. Go figure. When he was growing up, his mother made corn, carrots, green beans and that was IT. When we first married, I made them as I come from a b.sprout loving family, and he said, "What are these little bitty heads of lettuce on my plate?" I could not believe he had never eaten them or even seen them before. He was 26! Now I make them and the boys pretend they don't like them, to be manly, I guess, like dad and not like mom...but they always say, "Okay, I will take a couple..." and then somehow, many many more disappear. So, I am onto them. And, they will be trying this recipe in the near future!


Shannon - an even better thing about this rcipe is it is low cal and low-fat. I've posted 4 or 5 other great roasted sprout recipes.

Barb - I bet he will be pleased with these!

Annie - I experienced those mushy over-cooked, frozen ones - ewwwwwww Why bother?

There you go Kendall - now you have something new to try!

I don't blame you for that Marcia! My train station is down-wind from a pork 'processing' plant. It is almost enough to turn me vegetarian some days.

Kayte - funny how that happens! *smile*


I was a late adaptor for brussels sprouts, but I love them now. Looks great!


Kalyn - I have you to thank for the suggestion about roasting the things. It is amazing what a difference it makes!


I am a great fan of brussels sprouts, however I have only just recently discovered the joy of roasting them. Normally I just boil them or stir fry them.

This recipe looks great and we are still seeing the last of the seasons sprouts in the store, so will definitely give it a go.


Robert I think that I have posted about 5 recipes for roasted Brussels Sprouts over the past year os so. YUM Roasting them brings out a sweetness that one wouldn't expect.

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