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March 19, 2009


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barb cabot

Jerry I really like this new set up to link to other posts, "you might like these stories". Very cool and I love looking at the photos. Your blog is so great.


Thanks Barb. I grabbed the 'you might like these stories' from Sandi. It is really easy to do. Lots of blogs seem to be featuring it these days.


This does look very good and easy...perfect for a weeknight, like you say. Orange rice...I am forever making lemon rice, but I have never once even thought of orange rice, thanks for the idea...sounds perfect for a lot of things around here!


Parsley has such a fresh taste to it as well. We use flat-leaf parsley for most of our cooking.

Kayte, isn't it amazing how you can mix up the flavour of plain rice so easily? Just mix it with a bit of herb, some juice and there you go. I guess that is what 'Alice' was telling us in those Minute Rice commercials all of those years! LOL


We got a bag of navel oranges recently,and it never occurred to me to make salsa with oranges,what a brilliant idea.Flavoring it with fresh parsley only makes it better.Thanks for sending this over to WHB:)


Thanks yasmeen - great job on the round up!

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