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March 09, 2009


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Jerry, I like your Thai cooking cycle. Gets me more excited about my trip:grin!


I know...I am on an Asian kick also...everything Asian sounds good every single day! I am on the quest for learning how to make good (GOOD) dim sum...this is partly your fault. Yes, I am thinking we will just blame it all on you and that post awhile back. LOL!


Lucky you Candi - I am jealous.

Kayte - have you seen the April Cuisine at Home? It has an amazing series of recipes showing how to make dim sum at home. I am going to try them all!


It is so funny that you should mention the Cuisine at Home article on dim sum as I had not heard of it, and Melissa at Whisk Wednesdays sent me a copy (don't tell, she just photocopied it) as she was afraid I would not get the mag in time...LOL. I am going to try them when the swimming sectionals are over and I have more time. It looked do-able, even for me! I hope you post when you try them all...that would be fun to see! It's all your fault...you put those pictures on your blog about the dim sum at the restaurant and I have had it on my mind ever since. I am blaming this current fix all on you! LOL!


I'll be sure to post after I try them. Of course, I was at the Chinese market on the weekend and bought a 'mess' of pork buns so I won't be making THOSE for awhile.

Norris Hall

Try this Thai cooking website.
It's got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along.


Awesome site Norris - thanks for sharing!


Hmmm...thinking dinner tomorrow night!


Mmmmm - I think I need to re-make this one. That is one of the problems with blogging - I am always looking for new things so I don't often go back and make things again.

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