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March 16, 2009


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Well, for someone who isn't even Irish (okay, maybe 1/16th...LOL), you certainly outdid yourself! Wow...what a spread. I NEED that Reuben dip recipe (I know, it came with the class, so it is protected by copyright, etc., so you are off the hook). It looks so lovely sitting in that little pot with those dippers. The rest, I can handle as I am 1/4 Irish...my granny was an O'Brien from the county of Armaugh! And, like you, I am making the corned beef, and so did she, although she always said, "This isn't really Irish food, you know....not from back in the county Armaugh at least...." LOL. No Irish Soda bread from your kitchen? You have tomorrow yet to throw one together...recipe on my site from last year (first one is Granny's, second one is Bon Apetite's and it is fantastic)...or do you have one all your own? Tomorrow: IRISH Soda Bread...come on, just humor me...I'm Irish!


Great meal. I'm going to have to look for that cabbage potato dish. That sounds really good.

And it is so good that you helped your mother get over her cold with your apple medicine. ;)


Oh no - I can't believe I forgot to post mom's Irish Soda Bread! I will have to make good tomorow or I will never hear the end of it. Kayte - she uses the recipe from Bon Appetit - to be honest it is the only soda bread that I have enjoyed.

I'll be happy to share the Reuben dip recipe - it is simple!

Marta - I hope that you enjoy them - I like the various flavours and the presentation is impressive as well.


You confused me this morning. I usually wake up and peek at the new blog posts in Google Reader. When I saw yours in my sleepy state, I thought today was St. Patrick's Day! I am not a huge fan of Irish food (and I am part Irish) except for some of the cheeses. The dessert looks good though :)


Oh, Jerry, it all sounds mouth-watering! I would have been full after all of the appetizers!

All I can say is yum, yum, yum!


Girasoli - the dessert was great but next time I think I'll add some fresh mint. It was flavoured with creme de menthe which has a 'fake' taste to it I think.

Nancy - it is all in the pacing. We had appetizers at 5 and sat talking about our upcoming Maine trip for a few hours and had dinner later. We also go easy on lunch when we're having a big meal.


It all looks delicious (except the beets, but they sure are pretty!). I'm jealously out of Brachetto!


Palma - it was our last bottle as well. Very sad!


Jerry, it all looks fantastic. Especially the martini and the grasshopper cheesecake. And the cheese....


Jerry, all I can say is WOW. Sure wish I was there. Reuben dip looks reallly good.


It was an indulgent meal - I guess that most celebrations are. LOL

Teaberry - the dip was easy AND tasty - a good combination in my book. I'll post the recipe soon.

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