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March 01, 2009


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María I.

I can’t believe you never ate even one lentil until now! Amazing. ;) I love lentil soup and my recipe is similar to this one but my family likes it with a ham hock (naturally smoked, no nitrates).

Cindy Ruth

I'm glad you finally tried lentils. I find it hard to believe you never had them before. Are there other food items you've never tried that you're hiding from us?


Oh, Jerry, I am glad you finally tried lentil, it is very good for you.
And you know, lentil is still the food for the poor in Palestine, you would be amazed at all the recipes that uses lentil in them.
Great post, and your soup looks great.

Ordinary Biscuit

Your soup makes me hungry. :-)


So do you think it coincidence that we were making lentil soup as Lent began this week?


Very interesting - I did not know that lentils were in the Bible! I'm glad you tried them and like them. I've got a great cold but spicy lentil salad recipe that I make sometimes.


Well I am a lentil convert now. Annie - do you share your lentil salad recipe?


Yes, I'll be happy to share. I'll have to find it first then I'll get it to you.


Thanks for shraing Annie - I can't wait to make that one.

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