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March 08, 2009


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I skipped this one because I just didn't have the patience the recipe calls for, LOL. I do want to make it someday and wish I'd had the ingredients in the house last week when it snowed. But we had a blast of spring this weekend and I didn't want to take the time to make this. Yours looks delicious!


Wow...that looks incredibly good...and well worth the patience, it would seem. I don't suppose you have any left....


Annie - it doens't pequire THAT much patience! LOL

Kayte - I have about 6 containers in the freezer . . . it makes a lot of soup! I don't care though because it was soooooo good.


Not fair to tell me you have SIX containers in the freezer...LOL. Well, that will be a lot of good meals. It really does look delicious. I think I need to move closer to your neighborhood, so we can play "leftover swap" occasionally! I am sure you can imagine how that works!


I could do a leftover soup swap for some time. It is a good thing that I LOVE leftover night.

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