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March 15, 2009


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Looks good, Jerry.


I can hardly wait for dinner tonight so I can try this week's soup!

Cindy R.

I thought this soup was interesting also, and would have never had tried it if it weren't for Sunday Slow Soupers. I didn't use cream either.


I'm going for this one...I love bananas and even if you can't taste them all that much, it sounds very exciting to put banana in a soup and then serve it and tell people there is a banana in it...just sounds exotic and all. At least for this part of the world. Thanks for the recipe...yours looks really really good.


I hope that you enjoy it Kayte - it was a wonderful soup. I was surprised by the flavour . . . and by how much I loved it!


I'm glad you like it.
Just for the recored, I didn't write that part about the soup being cold, originally. That was from the Gourmet article.



Jan - you did write it int he thread! LOL Technically we are all correct.

Thanks again for 'expanding' my cooking horizons. Paul has asked for this soup twice since I made it!

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