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March 29, 2009


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Cindy Ruth

I always love to read the extra information you tell us about our soups or the region they come from. I loved this soup, and was lucky I found the ingredients(although I did blend together 3 different curry powders to get what I thought was the correct mix. No need to go search for a 4th kind!)

María I.

Looks delicious. I’m tempted to make this one but I’ll probably use shrimp.


I don't know if I should admit this, but one of my favorite things about this soup is the fried shallot topping, would not have considered this optional at all.


Cindy - I have to say that I was wondering how you'd manage to find the ingredients in Alaska. Goodness, if you can get them there one would think that they would be available anywhere! LOL

Maria - lots of the 'soupers' used shrimp with great results.

Marcia - I agree - the shallots added a great texture!


Jerry, it looks great! This is a wonderful soup. I was able to find the oriental curry powder at Safeway here.


Candi - I found some but it was a HUGE container. I had lots of the yellow curry paste at home so I just figured that I'd use that. It was delicious soup.


I did skip the fried shallots but I won't next time.


They really added a great 'layer' of flavour Annie!


Okay...time to seriously get caught up around here...everyone is out this evening, so it is the perfect time to just read and enjoy. Love the idea of just cooking those in peanut oil in a small pan...great fun reading about the soup!


Kayte - welcome back! This was a delicious soup - I'm glad that I made it.

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