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April 24, 2009


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Great review! I really enjoyed About Face and am still reading the Walking Tours. Love visiting Venice vicariously until the next "real" trip!

Signorina Elettra is such an intriguing and mysterious character - I love her!


My too Annie - I'd sure like to read her back story one day!

I understand that a German production company is making a series out of the books. Hmmmmm


A few years ago. I watched about five minutes of some TV show based on the books - Brunetti was so different from what I imagine that I couldn't watch it! It might have been British?


Jerry, I ordered this book from Chapters (Christmas gift card) and I've been waiting impatiently to get it. I'm a huge fan of Leon's books and this one looks great! Thanks for the review.


I hate when that happens Annie - sadly it is far more common than not.

That is a great use for your gift card. . . . one of my favourite gifts BTW!

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