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April 14, 2009


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Great post, and both the recipes sound just delicious to me! (Doesn't like mustard or horseradish??? Go figure indeed. But at least he got over it!)


I know Kalyn - it has taken me 11 years but now he likes them! LOL

I have become a lentil convert - who knew it was possible at 45?


I have a version of this recipe that I just love. It was great fun reading about lentils...who knew all this? You, obviously! Okay, I am officially caught up, so your inbox can take a rest! LOL! Always a great time over here.


Thanks Kayte . . .

I have started to put lentils in the menu a lot more often . . . we'll be so healthy we won't know what has hit us!

hilton hunter

such a wonderful healthy foods,which benefits us more frequently!

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