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April 27, 2009


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Oh yum - this sounds so good! And our first asparagus is ready to be picked.

Thanks, Jerry!


This looks amazing. I hated asparagus as a kid but I think it's because we only had it out of a can. Once I had it fresh, I loved it.


I was like that too Annie. I can still remember the horror of canned asparagus omlettes! ARGH

Fresh from the garden nancy? I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous!

Barb Cabot

Love Risotto. This sounds wonderful. thanks Jerry!


Love asparagus, just roasted some last night, leftovers for lunch today.


You're welcome Barb. Both Paul and I commente don how much we love risotto . . . yet we hardly make it.

I'm finally there as well Marcia. I've never roasted it but do it on the grill all of the time - I imagine that that is similar.


It looks and sounds wonderful... But, I never add more than the 1 T butter I use to saute the rice... Still really creamy and much easier to eat more often.


I agree Katie - the less fat the better in my opinion.


Plan on making this tonight! Looks marvelous :)

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