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April 26, 2009


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Cindy Ruth

Your salad looks great! I used blackberries also, but couldn't find blood oranges. I've posted many salads on my blog using oranges also, but I'll have to go back and see if any of them were blood oranges. I rarely see them for sale here, but I sometimes get them from my CSA. Hope you enjoy your Cinnamon ice cream(I'm still thinking I have to make some-I'm leaving town tomorrow for a week, so I'll have to check the expiration date on my cream).


Good looking salad! I saw the vinaigrette recipe you posted on the food forum and I'll trying that one next time. Annie's vinaigrette went very well with the ingredients I used. I couldn't find blood oranges -- every produce guy said they were out of season already -- so I used back yard oranges.

Love the recap on the history of the ST cooking group. :)


The term salad when used alone applies to green leaves or stalks that are eaten uncooked. An extension of the term salad, as now more generally used throughout the world, applies to a salad plant, with or without other foods, and a dressing.


Yum. Looks great. This was a yummy salad.


I used strawberries but your blackberries look wonderful too. I'll use those next time I make this.


Thanks again for the vinaigrette recipe, it was really good on the salad, leading to muse about why the heck I don't make my own dressings more often.


Now I feel badly about whining about the demise of the soups on Sundays...and am cheering the thoughts of salads on Sundays...oh, goody goody, as we used to say as kids. Bring on the salads!


Jerry, love that you began our salad adventure by recapping all of our other themes. Rereading the history was fun!


Cindy - the ice cream was wonderful. A strange mix with a delicious and healthy salad though! LOL

Maria - I will try that dressing next.

It as a great salad wasn't it Candi - isn't amazing how simple tastes great!

Once we get some strawberries up here that don't taste dull I will try that version.

Marcia - it was a good vinaigrette recipe wasn't it? We had it last night again . . .

Kayte - hold on to your shoes - this is gonna be great!

Deborah - isn't incredible to remember where we've been? We have done so much over the past year.

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