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April 16, 2009


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The stylist that gets to do her makeover, which you know is coming, is going to make millions. ;-)


Dear god Laura - I can just imagine the reps who are camped outside her door trying to sign a contract!

barb cabot

Jerry, this post is so well written. Her voice is really beautiful. What a gift. She seems to have quite a good sense of humour and despite whatever her previous circumstances seems pretty well balanced. It's an amazing uplifting story and as you said so welcoming considering the major state of affairs of the world. Thank you for such a well written piece.


amazing the hidden talent in this world....your right, i hate to say that....you should never judge a book by it's cover


I saw this item on ABC evening news and it brought tears to my eyes literally. The next day The View did it on their Hot Topics segment. Joy Behar, one of the hosts of the show, kept saying "She is still homely!", I could not over her (Joy's) being stuck with her appearance. Everyone else tried to explain to her about looking beyond the lady's outside appearance and see the talent... but Joy was not changing her staunch. It was annoying, esp. coming from someone who claim to be a former teacher.

Jerry, you did a great job with this post. I hope she gets some record deal... She is supposedly singing for the Queen.

Kathy (Trekcapri)

Well said Jerry! I watched her sing 4 times already! Loved it!


Great post, Jerry! I loved seeing a speechless Simon Cowell - that doesn't happen very often!

Susan Boyle is definitely amazing, and I wish her luck!


It is a shame that we live in such a image driven, superficial society. We need more wake up calls for condescension such as this.


Great post. The bottom line is that the woman has an incredible voice, just amazing! I look forward to following this story and buying her first album! And I want to see a pic of Pebbles!


Isn't it awful to have to amdit that mom was right all of those years Rose? Shhhh - don't tell her.

Joy Behar is clearly missing the message Eden, to say nothing of some class and intelligence.

I hope that Susan is allowed/able to keep some of herself in the whirlwind of crap that will no-doubt come her way . . .

Nancy - I guess a speechless Simon is not unalike a speechless Jerry! LOL

We sure do Kendall!

Beckett agrees with you Annie - we want Pebbles.

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Its been months now since the first time I saw Ms.Susan Boyle in YouTube singing that heart warming song from Les Miserables. Every now and then, if I needed a 10-minute break from my work surfing the net, I would always go back to Ms. Boyle's youtube. Her voice warms my heart, the reaction of the people and the judges still amuses me, never fails to give me a smile. But most of all, it always gives me a hope that someday my dream will come true just like hers. No matter what other people say, I would forever thank Susan Boyle for giving me that inspiration to never stop dreaming. :-)

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