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May 05, 2009


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Your walk sounds great, Jerry! There's nothing like getting out in the middle of nature's beauty to forget your stresses.

I love the spring flowers - so dainty.

Great photo of Paul too.


Nothing is better than a nature walk for de-stressing! I am glad your got the noises out of your head, I hate these noises!

BTW, I nominated you for Kreativ blog award.
You definitely deserve, one never knows what you are going to be blogging about!


Nice pic of Paul! Spring is wonderful. Although we are in a 5 day rainy season now....must have been the provincial election call this week....sigh....more tax money going up in smoke for no changes at all.....


Beautiful photos, Jerry! It's so wonderful to see the flowers.

If only Harper would take a long walk (on a short plank?) I am enjoying the latest polls that show the Tories sliding.....


Love the trillium pictures - hard to believe we were actually seeing spring in Toronto this time last year.


The trilliums were gorgeous - it is a shame that they won't last very long.

Thanks for the award Candi!

Marcia - it is equally hard to believe that we missed that chance to show you the parts of the area that we love! LOL


Jerry, I love this entry! Isn't wonderful to have these amazing moments in the midst of hectic days? I don't think the trillums are out yet in NS, but always a thrill to come across them in the woods. Your photos are gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing them! :)


Anne - it will only be a matter of time for you. We're lucky to have so many intersting areas to wlak near our house. Lots of places to de-cluttrer the mind!

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