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May 04, 2009


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Bravo! I look forward to this post every month.

I love the sorority one and the vampire hunter. And LOL about the Civil War!


I don't know....I got a bad visual on the pork thing. I will probably have nightmares tonight.(shaking head)


I'm pretty sure that David, he who loves wine, would say that only a chocolate shake goes with an In & Out burger.


Wow, some of your searchers are getting mighty weird! Who are these people????

Still, love the pork bellies, vampires and sorority searches.


The civil war one really smused me too - I just though 'huh?'

Kedndall - I'm sure a bottle or two of vino would assist with that!

Marcia - he'd get an argument from Shannon!

One wonderswho the weirdos are - and how they always seem to end up at my blog! Bless their perverted wee hearts!

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