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May 01, 2009


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Great idea! I hereby appoint you an official representative of the cellphone police! Go get 'em!


Not gonna happen. Not a sowball's chance in hell. It is just going to get worse. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings ( I feel as you do) but thats the truth. These people, to me, seem to actually proud about it. It's like they're saying "see me I'm important! I have MATTERS to discuss.
Know that I am going through MP and have hormonal rages I fear a prison term in my future!


I love the cell citations! Can I order a pad?


Thanks Barb - finally I role I could really embrace!

I know what you mean Kendall - I am always shocked at the folks who pull out their phones in restaurants and chatter away at length. I despise that.

Sandra - I am not sure a pad would eb enough for you. I bet there are TONS of transgressions amongst the political folks up there.

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