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May 18, 2009


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Donna in SF

Jerry, that is absolutely beautiful - I love it!


Such a pretty piece. I love the color. You have great friends!


Wow! That is so cool, Jerry. You are lucky to have such beauty and such friends around you!

Barb Cabot

Dear Paul and Jerry, Happy Anniversary! I think you found the perfect place to hang Diana's lovely creation. What a nice way to remember your anniversary, loving friends and Italy. May your love for each other continue to complete your lives.


What a lovely creation! A great anniversary gift, that's for sure!


It is wonderful isn't it Donna?

Rebecca - onwe of the nicest things is that we have met them all through the slow travel site. Imagine, trip information AND superb friends! One has to LOVE that!

Yes Shannon - you know I'm a big fan of beauty . . . and food . . . and wine! LOL

Thanks Barb. We had a brilliant day celebrating '11'.

It sure was Nancy!


Jerry, that is a beautiful piece. I remember seeing photos of it, and reading about it, on Diana's blog -- but I had no idea it was going to be a gift for you and Paul!

How very thoughtful of Palma! Slow Travelers can be amazing people.


Lucky you to get this beautiful piece and to have a wonderful friend in Palma! I remember watching the progress also on Diana's blog. What a great surprise!


It was fun to follow the creating of this piece on Diana's blog Sandra.

It sure was a great surprise Girasoli - generally I don't like surprises (control issues, you know) but this was one I appreciated!

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