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May 24, 2009


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Jerry, I've never grilled green beans. I assume you use some sort of a wire or metal top over the grill?


Amy - I just put them right on the grill grate. I've done them on a smaller grill pan before but was lazy. None of them slipped through (I laid the beans in the opposite direction of the metal of the grate).

Cindy Ruth

As always, I love reading about the history of a recipe. Your salad looks great, and I love the idea of grilling all of the veggies.


So far, I have managed to eat every salad, and still avoid beans, tomatoes and cilantro! Yours looks pretty!

María I.

I also grilled everything but on the stove top - it was 98 degrees outside!

Thanks for the story behind the dish.


It was not as hot at our house, but I did oven roast the veggies and pan sear the tuna - worked pretty well, too.


It sude made for easy dish washing Cindy! *smile*

You've done well Palma. How did you eat the bean salad and avoind beans? Curious mids wish to know . . .

98 degress is perfect grilling weather - I hate to turn on the stove in warm weather. I bet our air conditioning is whimpy compared to yours . . .

One of these days I'll need to get a grill pan so I can grill things on the stove like you Marcia.

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