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May 19, 2009


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Happy anniversary, Jerry, to you and Paul. That meal looks lovely (as does Beckett!)


Happy Anniversary! That meal looks awesome. Cheers to 11 years!


Congratulations on 11 years together!! How wonderful that your ice cream date worked out so well :)

Love the lemon placemats!

Barb Cabot

I echo everyone's good wishes. You two are a wonderful match. I love the dinner and all the care and love behind the cooking. Here's to many many years of happiness together.


Happy Anniversary! Wow, 11 years! Looks like it was a fabulous meal.


Happy Anniversary! Much happiness and many more!


Thanks everyone for the good wishes - it was a great meal - Paul outdid himself. Beckett had fun too - I didn't post the pic of him enjoying a piece of bread he stole off fo the table while I was trying on some cothing that I got as a gift. Most cats would go for the steak but not Beckett - bread is his addiction! LOL

Anne - we got the placemats on sale at Kohls in the States - they were 80 % off. one has to love sales in the US!


Best wishes for many more happy years togehter for you and Paul! I love happy couples!


Happy belated anniversary! Isn't it awesome to be cooked for?


Happy anniversary to both of you - how lovely that Paul wanted to cook for you. May you get to the 34 glorious years (insert smile) that we will celebrate during our son's wedding week in July.


Who said anything about happy Kendall? LOL

It sure is Shannon - if only it happened more than once in a blue moon. *smile*

Thanks Marcia - boy, that is a big number! How great that you will get to celebrate with your son!

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