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May 11, 2009


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Great timing Jerry. I'm planning on making salmon for company on Wednesday and was searching around for a new way to do it! Cheers, L


Jerry, that looks so good! I just bought some new maple syrup for guests; I have to give this a try!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I am stingy with my Canadian maple syrup... but I will give this a try!


This looks delicious I will try this one soon. We eat salmon every week so this will come in handy and it's so quick. Thanks.


I made your salmon recipe for dinner tonight, and it was delicious!

Thank you! I know I can always count on you for good recipes!

Barb Cabot

Hi Jerry, I'm just checking in to try and catch up with all the bloggers. I really appreciate salmon recipes. This one looks exceptional. I'll be sure to try it. Thanks.


We liked the other one, so this should be good too - I do like having other uses for our Canadian maple syrup.


Marcia - perhaps your Canadian friends will bring some more next time they're in CA!

Enjoy Barb.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it Nancy. I liked that it was so easy to make! LOL

Sherrie - I'm impressed. I eat far more fish than I used to but I'm not up to every week yet! LOL

Sandi - you should be stingy as it is the best! Perhaps if you're good . . .

Sandra - your guests are lucky!

I hope that you enjoy it Laura!

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