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May 21, 2009


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I'm with Paul - this is work? Enjoy the week, and the s'mores.


Wieners? I thought you might be burning Stephen Harper in effigy! (But I guess that would be tasteless.....)

Hope your session goes very well.

Barb Cabot

Jerry, looks like alot of fun!


I've had the opportunity to work with an Organizational Development Firm over the last 18 months (at work)around Leadership Development (among other things). It has been an interesting process - hard work and, at times, quite fun - but not as much fun as what you have described!


It is a good thing I didn't post pics of the karaoke then Marcia!

Now that would have been fun and quite popular with all but my Conservative colleague (we're working on her).

It was a blast Barb - if only work was always like that.

It is always a challenge isn't it Sheri - funny how many folks say that they want to focus on leadership development but in the end really don't want to do a whole lot.


Oh that sounds awesome! But did you cut the ends of the dogs for faster cooking? :)

I confess I hadn't actually heard of that technique until last weekend, when my friend and her family were all reaching for a knife. I was a bit mystified, having only ever stuck the raw hotdog on a stick "as is". Their dogs look more like spiders in the end! Must be a Newfoundland thing...


That is sooooo true, Jerry. Some of the resistance was expected and some was really surprising!

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