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May 30, 2009


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awesome.. Love Egyptian History!


A LITTLE older than mine, though mine are old...


Jenn Jilks

That is an old one. My post is a book published in Nov, 2008!


I like it. It is very different and shows a lot of the history of our written word. I wonder if we will have books much longer? Or will everything become zeros and ones. :)


Great photo, Jerry -- that must have been fascinating to see!


Now that is an OLD book. What beautiful colors and all so intact! Mine is up here.


Love it - thanks for sharing!


Thanks for visiting on photo hunt Saturday!

One does have to wonder how long we'll continue to have paper/print books Marta! The pace of technology is stunning . . .

Sandra - it was brilliant. I was unprepared for how hug it would be (filled an entire wall) or how brilliantly coloured it was.


Cool take on the theme.
Hey-- If you can go to Denver, why can't you come to St. Louis? I'm closer! :grin:


Closer yes, but my trainings session isn't in St Louis! LOL


Very cool photo! I absolutely loved visiting the Egyptian Museum in Torino!


It was a great way to spend a rainy day girasoli - although I'd have been happy there on ANY day!

María I.

Great photo! I've been wanting to visit the Egyptian Museum in Torino for a long time. Some day ...


Gorgeous photo and what a cool thing to get to see that book in person!


Maria . . . if you''re like me the list of places that you wnat to visit just gets longer and longer . . .

It was amazing Annie. There were so many other wonderful exhibits in this colleaction too.

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