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May 16, 2009


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ohhh that's cute... Snoopy is my fave cartoon character and would love to have a picture with him.

Here’s my entry


That is fun. The picture definitely made me smile. I also loved Snoopy when I was growing up.


Another Snoopy lover here! I'd love to visit that museum and search for all those statues. Fun post and great photo!


Love the photo! Santa Rosa must be a fun city to visit!

Happy weekend! :)


Yes, Snoopy is my favorite character.. or is is Woodstock... they are a close one and two. Beautiful... would loved to see the painted shut garage door... I thought we were the only ones who did that.
Mine is up here.


I played Charlie Brown in a sorority skit. That would have made a great prop!


What a fun town to visit. I loved all the Charlie Brown cartoons. Great take on the theme this week.


One of these days, I will make a trip to visit that museum! Perhaps this summer... it is so close to me and I have yet to visit it! Embarrassing!


Lots of Snoopy lovers here!

I'm glad to hear that we're not the onl;y ones who painted our garage door shut! LOL

Palma - I am sure that you could have had some frat boys ppick it up for you. ;-)

eden - isn't it funny how we'll travel the world visiting places but never hit the ones in our own backyard?

Thanks for popping by on photohunt Saturday!

Barb Cabot

Never even knew this place existed. I just sold a mini version of this house with snoopy at my parents estate sale. (a cute metal bank) Looked just like this but did not have Paul on the side...hee hee. (Had he been attached I would have gotton alot more for the item!)

Kathy (Trekcapri)

Hi Jerry, that is a super choice for this week's theme! Fun and creative!

Thanks and have a great weekend!


Great colorful photo, Jerry!


Barb - it is a huge museum - even contains Schulz's studio with some unfinished strips.

I hope that you had a great weekend as well kathy.

Thanks Nancy - it would have been good for the theme 'colourful' too! LOL

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