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May 02, 2009


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Tara R.

Your mom has a great smile.

I wouldn't be walking in flood water either. Ewww.


Wow, Jerry. No denying your genetic heritage! You're mom looks just like you. Or, I guess I should say you look just like her. She has a beautiful smile!

Mrs. Mecomber

Yes, I admired your mom's bright smile, too. :)

Did you take any more photos of the flooding? How far did the waters rise?

Mine is up. I hope you have time to check it out.
Happy weekend!


It sounds like a long but worthwhile walk. And your mother does have a great smile.


Kudos to y'all for doing the fundraiser walk.

I'm with you on not walking in the flooded square but it is fun to watch others do it.

Happy weekend!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I was doing some worthy walking too!


Great pic of mom!

Aaahhh....yes...Venice, now there are some nice memories....


Great choices, Jerry. Wow, I've never seen Venice flooded, and I hope I never will either:)

Barb Cabot

Your mom is so cute!


Kudos to your mom and I'm with you, would not be walking barefoot in Venice's flood waters!

Great photos, both of them.


Thanks for visiting on photo hunt Saturday. Funny thing - no one has every said mom and I look anything alike before. LOL

The aqua alta only rose about 6 inches. It was enough to flood the square and force folks up on those walkways that they erect throughout the square. I can appreciate that it is easy to just walk through the water because the folks moving ont he walkways go so slowly!

Kathy (Trekcapri)

Hi Jerry, great choices for this week's photo theme. I agree with everyone. That is a wonderful photo of your Mom. Sounds and looks like a great fundraiser event to take part in.

And I'm with everyone else about walking in the flooded waters in Venice. Only if I had boots on. :)


Love the photo of your mom! Perfect photo for the theme.

I am surprised that the water is so blue in Piazza San Marco. I imagined it to be murkier. Not sure I would want to walk in that water in barefeet.

Cool photos!


It was a great fundraiser Kathy - our group raised $ 6000 alone.

I think that the brilliant blue is the shade, it was mury - not really pristine and clear at all.

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