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May 12, 2009


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My dad adored rhubarb, so my mom was always looking for new ways to use it.
Looks good. I wouldn't eat it as a child except in a pie camouflaged with strawberries.

Gail Hecko

First time I had rhubarb pie, I almost couldn't put the fork in my mouth....a vegetable pie?? Sounded awful to me, but maybe it's a fruit.... Anyway, one bite and I was hooked on the sweet/tart combo. This sounds great. I might need to make one (unless TJ's carries it :))


I love rhubarb anything!
Thanks for reminding me of just how much.

Barb Cabot

Jerry, I really appreciate this one. At the huge Farmer's Market I went to in Madison I was blown away by the big, beautiful stalks of rhubarb. I thought of Mike as his all time favorite pie is rhubarb. I definitely will try this recipe!


Palma - you were better than I. Apparently I used to spit it out if it was hidden in anything.

Gail - TJs? ANYONE couyld whip this up in no time at all1 LOL

Brenda - you could substitue the flour with non-gluten thickeners and you'd be happy!

Barb - Mike will be very happy with this then. We just finished the leftovers last evening. UMMMMM

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