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May 26, 2009


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barb cabot

Jerry, though not particularly a Star Trek fan I would be interested to see this film esp. after your review. Probably will save this for a Netflix but will definitely see. Thanks for a needed review.


I was never a big trekkie, but I've heard so much about this movie, that I'm kind of curious to see it. I'm hoping that by the time I fly back from Italy in a few weeks, it might be showing on Air Canada!


That's more info than I got out of David, who got to see it in Sacramento with the son, like in the old days when Matt lived at home - male bonding time. I can pass, never was a trekkie myself.


You're welcome Barb. I never think these 'big' summer films translate well to the small screen. Mind you, I guess if you have a huge TV it might work. :-)

That would be a nice flight home then Sandra.

Marcia - I'd be interested to hear Dave's 'review'. I don't know any Trekkies at all so am curious to hear what they thought.

Wendy Hirschegger

I am a Trekkie and I LOVED this film and want more with the same actors.

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