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May 17, 2009


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"Happy heat" - great phrase! I loved this salad - great choice!


If only I had read the note about roasting the chicken and making dressing the night before, well, I probably still would have stretched it out over a long afternoon, worked out well and tasted delicious.


Happy heat is my favourite - just enough for a bit of burn but not enough to put one over the edge.

Marcia - I'm not very good about pacing things out either! LOL

María I.

Hubby and I loved this salad! Thanks for an amazing recipe. It was so easy to put together and I’m thinking of making it again soon. During the summer months I usually roast a whole chicken every week, shred it and keep in the fridge for quick meals with little to no cooking. This salad is perfect for our summer months. Lots of flavors and so delicious. Thanks again!


I'm glad that you liked it Maria. It is one of those recipes that looks far more challenging than it actually is because of the long list of ingredients. Having made it a few times I am now ready to play around with it a bit more . . .

appetizer recipes


Your recipe for a chicken salad really looks tempting. A Thai salad dressing would be nice addition.

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