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June 15, 2009


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Cindy Ruth

Your dumplings look awesome! I can't wait to make these-I guess better late than never. I'm venturing out today for a short trip to the grocery store(first time out since the foot surgery), so I think I'll pick up the ingredients and try to make this week. Welcome to Daring Cooks!


I wish you were my neighbor. I would constantly be peering in you kitchen window with a pathetic, sad , hungry look hoping for table scraps.


i make japanese dumplings with the recipe that Junishi left me...pork and ground beef mixture. Sauce is soya sauce, peanut oil and sugar. They are always a hit....yummy in the tummy!


Really beautiful dumplings! Yum, I can ALMOST taste them.

Jen Yu

Oh how pretty! Your dumplings came out great. Awesome job on the challenge this month. Woohoo!!


I know that you will enjoy them when you make them Cindy.

Kendall - I do share! LOL

Rose - how is it you've never whipped those up for us?

Thanks Palma - they were good.

Thanks for the amazing recipe AND instructions Jenn!

easy dumplings

Really fantastic dumplings, I am mouth watering and hungry now, oh my...
I really love dumplings and my favorite is chicken dumplings, which is not that easy for me to make, but I do hope I can make my own dumpling wrappers and make my own style dumplings on day by your detailed recipes, thank you so much for sharing, I can enjoy more!


I'm trying to get caught up here in Jerryville and I promised myself I would limit the comments for your sake and for the sake of being able to read faster, but YOU KNEW I would not be able to read and copy and paste all this to an email to myself without commenting, didn't you? OMW these look FANTASTIC. You did such a superb job on the little dumplings...I can almost taste them just looking at the photos. Great post.


Thanks Kayte - they were pretty darn good. Jenn gave such brilliant instructions thta it was hard not to wind up with great results.

Chinese Traditional Recipes

Wow, the cooking way of this dumpling is great and easy to cook, I’ll try it later and I hope it tastes delicious. Just one suggestion: If you add some cooking pictures it will be easier to follow!

Surrey Private Detective

These are my favorite things to eat in the world. However, I never make them myself so I'm going to bookmark your recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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