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June 13, 2009


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Oh, Jerry, I know what you mean. Those tricky Italian door locks. But, hey, the fancy key fobs are worth it, aren't they?


Lovley shot! :)
I hate when doors plays tricks with me. Glad that you finally got inside :)

Have a great weekend!


Oh yes, been there for sure. I stayed in an apartment in Venice with some kind of antique lock and key that required turning and jiggling at one exact moment. Took a while to figure it out!

Love your Red Rocks photos too! Hope you had a good trip. Happy weekend.

Tara R.

We have the same problem with the keyless entries, somehow we corrupt the entry cards and can't get into the hotel room. Fun take on the theme.


15 minutes? What patience! Good take on the theme.

I can't figure out what to post for this...


15 minutes! :) I hope it didn't take that everytime.

sandi 2 the whistlestop cafe

That is funny!

"Stand Back and give ME that key" :-{)




I know what you mean... my brother's apartment in Florence was a booger bear to open...
Mine is up here.

María I.

Been there and gone through the same hassle. I once got locked in the bathroom of a home I was staying in Florence. It was very embarrassing to ask for help from inside. Since it was a private home there wasn’t the alarm cord usually found in bathrooms in hotels and B&Bs.

Happy weekend!


Yes, those Italian locks are OLD and temperamental. (But then so am I)


I also struggle with those locks. It has easily taken me 15 minutes to open the door. My biggest question is always just how many times do you need to turn the key so that the door will be locked when you leave.


Face it, you're lock challenged!(smile)

Kathy (Trekcapri)

Hi Jerry, great take on the theme. Gotta love Italy! :)


Thanks for visiting on photo hunt Saturday!

It was a long 15 minutes - happily once we learned the trick it was a snap. It is all a part of the joy of Europe.

Maria - that would be embarassing! LOL

Kendall - I'll add it to the list. *smile*

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