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June 07, 2009


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We all pray that you Canadians will someday get a Trader Joe's, or at least one that you and a cooler can take a day trip to near the border. I was surprised to find a jar of dry roasted sunflower seeds at the supermarket, those were good.


I agree, the combination of flavors in this salad is delightful.
BTW, TJs need to come to Hawaii too:)


I'm VERY flattered that it past the "Jerry's Mom Test" ! :big happy grin:
Jerry, we have four TJs in St. Louis. I'd be happy to send you one of the two that I never visit.


We just got a TJ's here in North Carolina last year. I hope it is heading your way soon!

I agree, I'll be taking this one to every cook-out this summer. :)


This might become the ST favorite cookout salad for this summer! I think it's also a great salad to take on a camping trip.


Heck Marcia - I'd be happy if there was on in Buffalo!

It is nice to know that we're not the only ones who are disadvantaged Candi.

That would be kind Deborah! I'd bet I could keep it in business. LOL

I'll keep my fingers crossed Annie.

What a great idea Maria - sadly we have no camping trips booked this year. I should do something about that.

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