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June 14, 2009


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Cindy Ruth

Looks good Jerry. I can't wait to make this one-I figure a few more days and I'll be around to peeling shrimp. Or better yet, I'll convince my husband he needs to peel and I'll make the salad. I wish I could get tarragon to grow in my garden. I planted some the middle of May and it's not looking very good.


Great, easy salad, wasn't it? I had leftovers and made a sandwich for my husband on toasted ciabatta.


I love the contrast of the red lettuce and the shrimp salad. Good job, Jerry!


Looks great, Jerry. Great going with the red lettuce.


That photo you posted on the thread of this salad in a lobster roll format was gorgeous!


OK, I have a roll and I have some leftover shrimp salad - perhaps the challenge for tomorrow's lunch - Jerry's shrimp roll smackdown - it did look good.


It does look beautiful on the red lettuce. I am really enjoying all these salads!


Cindy - don't push that recovery! There will be lots of time ot make salads!

It made a mean sandwich Maria - it was lunch for me yesterday and Paul has one today. Lucky him.

Thanks Nancy and Candi!

That is going to be tomorrow's blog post Deborah - I'm busy trying to get the 14 done for when we're away.

I bet you'll enjoy it Marcia!

Me too Annie - I can't believe we're about half way through them already.

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