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July 14, 2009


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Happy birthday,Jerry. All looks and sounds wonderful!


Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, dear brother! Sounds like you had a wonderful day today. All the best.


Happy Birthday Jerry!

Barb Cabot

Jerry I was just on the boards and noticed all the Birthday greeting for you. Wanted to pop by and say "Happy Birthday" and wish you a year of travel and happy times during your 45th year. Wow that sounds young to me! You add so much to all of our lives. Cheers to you on your day!

Cindy Ruth

Jerry-Happy 45th birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful dinner on Sunday. Hope you enjoyed your gifts. I know exactly what you mean about thinking/feeling younger than you are. I'm 48, and I just don't think I can possibly be that age!(notice I didn't say that old).


Happy Birthday!


Once again, happy birthday!
I didn't know you were a July baby. I just turn 50 on the 8th. Does that mean I have senority?


A belated Happy Birthday, Jerry!

45 is so young! I wish I were 45 again. I can't believe I could be as old (yes, the dreaded word) as I am - it just doesn't seem possible.

But, as long as we feel much younger and have our health (so important), age really doesn't matter.


Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful year filled with good food, friends, and travel and to hell with the number attached to it.


Happy Birthday! I entered the 4-OH club this year so I totally understand the whole time thing! I really enjoy your posts - keep it up. Have a great year! Stacy


Jerry, Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great day (and no senior's discount, yay!)

I do love that intricate horoscope, especially the line: "This is a good year for projects involving technology or New Age topics." Now, that's quite a range since it's hard to imagine more different subjects!


Thanks y'all. It was a great day. One of the nicest things about birthdays as an adult is being able to spend time with those you love and to do the things you truly enjoy.

I agree with you Cindy. Clearly there was a mistake on the birth certificates.

Kendall - yes, you are welcome to seniority!

Right on Nancy!

Rebecca - that is a prescription for a fun birthday - the best kind.

Stacy - 40 is young! I am jealous 9although I have no desire to be 20 again!)

Sandra - they do seem to be a tad opposed. It will be a challenge to do it all (but I'm always up for a challenge! *smile*)


Happy Belated Birthday Jerry! Glad you had a great day.


Thanks girasoli - it was brilliant.

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