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July 02, 2009


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I regret to say I had only 4 correct answers.


14. Not bad for an expat.


I stunk at that quiz. My Canadian grandmothers would NOT be proud.


Well, I only got 15 of 20. Not a great grade. That NB car company really threw me!


I hang my head in shame...only 13 correct. I did get Bricklin though, but darned if I could remember the name of pemmican!


Kendall - that is quite impressive for one from the deep south!

Laura - you were educated here! LOL

Rebecca - we find that few Americans know much about live in Canada. We know lots about live down there though . . .

Sandra - that is impressive. I bet the average Canadian would not have gotten that!

Anne - my grade 7 history classes caused me to remember ppemmican. It is funny that things that come to mind so many years later (sigh).

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