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July 22, 2009


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Barb Cabot

I knew your trip would be phenomenal but still your descriptions and photos surpass my imagination....the food, the food, you two know how to live indeed!


We too enjoyed Portland, Maine that is, a lot when we visited last September. I regretted stopping there only for that day , but we we were heading to Acadia National Park, which was fantastic too. The food is amazing, yeah?


Can't wait to hear more about your trip!


OMG! That lobster mac and cheese with truffles is to die for!

I want to go there!


I'll admit that we do Barb. mind you, I've yet to meet a member of the slow travel community who did not!

Candi we only drove through it two years ago. that was enough to make us realize we needed to stay longer this time out.

Oh oh Kendall - be careful not to set me off - you know I don't know when to stop!

Nancy - it was one of the best things I have eaten in a restaurant. Decadent. I wouldn't want a steady diet of it but WOW - what a splurge.


Great photos, Jerry. The town looks lovely. I especially love that restaurant name, Dinosaur BBQ!

And lobster mac 'n cheez with truffles sounds incredible!


It was Sandra, it was. Mind you, I couldn't eat a huge amount of it because it was soooo rich.


I loved seeing these photos. Miss my days in Maine in the summer. And that lobster roll... YUM!!


I don't doubt it girasoli. There is somehting about Maine - I don't know if it is because it is so laid back or what - but I adore it.

Paul Z.

Hi Jerry! Thanks for sharing all this info! Can you tell me how long it took to get from Syracuse to Deere Isle? I have to make the trip myself. Thanks! I really enjoyed your writing here and the photos too!


Hi Paul

Welcome to the blog.

We broke the trip in two because there were things in Portland that we wanted to do. Similarly, on the way back we decided to stop in the Berkshires.

I'd estimate that the drive is about 10 hours. The length of time it takes will vary depending upon the day. The drive south from Deer Isle can be longer because of the traffic! Once the 395 branches off and heads south you'll make better time.

Enjoy your trip!

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