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July 13, 2009


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I'm with you all the way. I'm disgusted by how much press his death has received.


Great post, Jerry! I couldn't agree more.


A -F#%&ing-Men!!!!


Funny - I was expecting to get slammed a bit. LOL It is nice to know that others share the same concerns about our world and its foibles.


Add another to the Amen Brother club.


I actually liked MJ's music, from his days as a child star with the Jackson 5, through the 1980s.

That said, I completely agree with you, Jerry, that almost everything about his death -- the media insanity, LaToya's stunts -- are extremely distasteful. Any real grieving has been completely trampled by the pack.

Donna in SF

Jerry, what you said!


Kendall - the club seems to be growing.

Sandra - I can't imagine a member of the press going too far! One has to wonder where their ethics are . . .

LOL @ Donna!


I feel the same way. Thankfully after the first few days of restaurants playing non-stop MJ music, there seemed to be other news of interest in Italy. I missed the LaToya business completely.

I liked him when he was a child but once he started groping himself and then the plastic surgery and the child molestation charges. He was too out there for me. The interesting thing is most of these people that now profess their undying love for him were talking trash about him a few years ago.


You were lucky to be Italy while the circus was underway. Now if only it would END!

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