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July 17, 2009


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Cindy Ruth

The apartment looks like it will be perfect for the two of you. I can't wait to hear about your trip. One of my friends just returned, and loved it.


I like this apartment. I am all tuned in to your trip as it is a trip I am hoping to take soon. Well, the Athens part anyway. I am glad you decided to stay the whole week in Athens, I think I would do the same thing, it just seems that I take two days at least to realize where I am, and in a big diverse city, one needs time to get oriented and scratch a surface.


One of the problems of trip planning is that the excitment builds up in an incredible way! I do not know if I can manage to wait until October now!

I agree Candi - I don't even feel 'comfortable' and as if I know where the heck I am until three days are past as a rule.


Jerry, that apartment looks great, and what a wonderful price!

I think a week in Athens sounds just about right. I mean, how many people foolishly think they can "do" Rome in 2 or 3 days? A week will give you and Paul time to relax and enjoy yourselves (and do laundry!)

Selfishly (as always) I'm glad to see there is wireless in your apartment so you can blog from there!!


Sandra - I haven't told Paul that we'll be lugging the lap top along with us for the ride. I am sure that he will be thrilled by the prospect!

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