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July 18, 2009


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Love the leaning pine...so peaceful looking...I can hear the surf.

My rocks are now posted. Won't you try to stop by to view my photos today? Have a great weekend.

jams O'Donnell

Great shots. It always amazes me how life finds a way to establish itself.


Looks like a lovely trip, judging by the cool shots.

Have a great weekend!

Tara R.

That last shot is stunning. A wonderful example of perseverance.

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

Nice photos of rocks. Loved the comment about a "best" lobster shack every four miles!! I haven't been to Maine in many, many years. Great to see those shots.


i love the third pic best!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

So it was a rocky vacation?
I would be outside dribbling my buttery lobsta too.


Great photos.

I only found out about the theme after I went through my morning routine of blog checks. So thank you.

Cindy Ruth

Nice photos. I didn't know that the Maine coast is so rocky. That's one state I've never been to.


Great photos. Maine looks wonderful - I love the rocky shores. Nice picks for this week's theme. - Have a great weekend.


Great choices,Jerry. Your photos make me long to go to Maine again. I love its rocky coasts, the food, the hikes.:sigh:. The last shot is amazing!

Gail Hecko

I think you photo-shopped the tree in there......;)


Dear Gail - you assume that i am computrer savy enough to USE photoshop! LOL

LOL @ Sandi - lobster is such a mess. I never like to eat it inside (at least with a whole beast in the shell anyways).

Glad that I could help out Eden.

Cindy - I imagine that parts of it would seem like home to you.

Maine is really beautiful Marta - I like the rugged nature of it. I also like that the spot where we go is low-key and simple - no hoardes of tourists.

Candi - that is how we felt last year when we looked at the pics from our 2007 trip. Happily we were able to do something about it.

Thanks for visiting on photo hunt Saturday y'all!

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