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July 11, 2009


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Interesting, VERY interesting!!

This week's theme will be quite interesting to see what everyone came up with for their photos. Yours, my friend, is excellent actually!!! Mine is posted, come on over to my blog, if you can...

Have a great Saturday.


Very interesting post! I guess the ruins look better than the garbage - even thought wading through garbage collected over centuries was probably quite interesting, too...

jams O'Donnell

Well there you go. Garbage for once had a positive effect!


Great photo and an excellent take on the theme. I too bet it was interesting plowing thru all that old garbage!

Hope you have a great weekend.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Perfect choice!
How trashy :-)

Kathy (Trekcapri)

Hi Jerry, very unique and interesting take on this week's theme. That must have been a whole lot of garbage to cover that entire Roman Theatre.

Great photo. Have a great weekend!


Good show - now we can see a good side of the garbage dumps ;-)


Well, I bet the soil they excavated from around it was really good soil... sort of a giant compost heap.
My construction trash or garbage is up.


Excellent shot, Jerry. And great take on the theme. I did not know that, very interesting indeed.

Happy weekend.

Cindy Ruth

Interesting take on the theme.


What an interesting story, Jerry. I bet the trash from ancient times also had stories to tell. You always come up with informative takes on these themes. Wonderful!


What interesting facts you "uncovered" in your search for a garbage photo!

Great choice!


So many ancient sites disappeared under the debris of succeeding civilizations. Some are still hidden, waiting to be discovered!

Actually, I was listening to something on the CBC about an amazingly paleontological site was discovered in a garbage dump, I think in Russia(?). Scientists are racing against time to unearth what they can of the site before the city can begin dumping again.

So sad that "progress" cannot wait for the past to be revealed.


It is amazing to think of important historical sites protected by garbage! I suspect that this reality is far more common than one might think.

Thanks for popping by on photo hunt Saturday!


Jerry, I love your take on the garbage theme!


Thanks Sandra - you know that I try to twist things just a bit! LOL


Great take on the theme. Interesting information about this ampitheatre.


Thanks girasoli - have you ever seen it on your wanders through Italy?

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