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July 16, 2009


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Barb Cabot

Perfect summer drink. Looks so festive. Welcome home!

Cindy Ruth

I could sure use one of these right now! They look wonderful.


The strawberry margarita's I'e always had used sugar on the rim, not salt! I think this would apply for most fruit-flavored margaritas.....

Kathy (Trekcapri)

Hi Jerry, that looks so good. My favorite color and drink. :) Thanks for sharing your recipe.


Looks good! Now can you make a watermellon one for me? I like mine served in a large beer mug.


It sure cooled us down Barb.

It was a great way to settle down and ignore the pace of the world for a while Cindy.

Barbara - we'll have to try that. I've never had a margarita rimmed with sugar. I like the salt/sweet contrast.

Enjoy Kathy.

I shall try a watermelon one next Kendall.

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