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July 20, 2009


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Cindy Ruth

This is one I still haven't tried. Do you use fresh ricotta, or just the regular kind you buy at the store? It looks so moist in the photo.


We have a local restaurant that has a Ricotta Poundcake on their dessert menu.It is delicious. I've often wondered if they use this recipe.Think I will give it a try this weekend.


Cindy - we used ricotta from the store - I doubt it was fresh because it wasn't terribly expensive. The ricotta makes it incredibly moist.

Sheri - you should ask them what recipe they use. There aren't many out there. It would be cool if they were using Gina's!


Very interesting, Jerry. I actually like pound cake and I've looked at Gina's recipe, wondering how it tastes.

Your take looks wonderful. When you add fruit, do you have to change any other ingredients? And how about limoncello, do you just use it to replace the vanilla extract?


Sandra - if you are a pound cake fan you will really like this one!

When I made a lemon pound cake I replaced the vanilla with lemoncello (and 'may' have slipped some more in as well). When I've added the fruit I've left everything else in the recipe the same.

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